"I think that instead of standing in the front, my personality goes better with holding up someone from behind"


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At Rock In Rio Lisbon, Portugal - June 1st 2014

In Search Of Charming

So they tell us that love has no boundaries, ethnicity, sex and age yet, this is only an excuse when it is most convenient. People will judge you if you have a long distance relationship and specially if your partner is not even from the same nationality as you. If there exists an age difference there are still people who will criticize that as well.  But most recently I’ve found a new way of prejudice: relationships created with the aid of dating apps/ websites. 

This is most common between my generation and my parents’ as this new concept is very confusing to them resulting in them thinking that this is the result of the antisocial behavior caused by the new technologies.

I wish I could, somehow, shamelessly tell my parents that I found my prince charming through Tinder or OKCupid without having to hear a comment or feel their stare because it would make my life and my relationship with them so much easier. I know some people who have found their partners through these websites and are happily married.. Why do relationships have to stop where our friends do? 

If it weren’t for the new social media I wouldn’t have found one of my bestest of friends until this day, Jade, who lives in England and yet we haven’t met in person once. I love her and we talk a lot and argue a lot through skype and I truly believe that it would be amazing if we were to meet someday. If it wasn’t for her I would never receive any letters or postcards in the mail which really makes my day every single time! This is just to prove my point that not every one on the internet is here to cause harm.

I actually believe that my generation has this sixth sense that usually tells us that something is not right preventing us from being catfished. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying that there aren’t fake and evil people on the internet and that this amazing new world of opportunities is completely safe, because let’s face it, it isn’t, and most probably it will never be. But sometimes trusting your son or daughter is the best way to go to show them what are the risks of the internet. If parents talk with an open mind about these problemas but also allow their children to explore the interwebs will lower the chances of getting them into trouble. 

I just wish someday this whole new judgement about cyber relationships would end. It would make the lives of people like me, way more easier.



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ok but imagine a society where all the engineering was done with pool noodles. everything made out of pool noodles. society of pool noodles. 

just wanna get rich enough to buy my mom all the shit she deserves